grep only php files

The little snippet above searches all php files in the current and sub-directories for the string mysql_connect(

Free SSL certificates with nginx and auto renew

Using lets-encrypt you are able to get free SSL certificates which can be used for serving HTTPS via nginx. Each certificate has a 90 day duration and has to be renewed manually but using certbot we are able to automatically renew these. Certbot and the nginx plugin search your nginx configuration files for the server… Continue reading Free SSL certificates with nginx and auto renew

Spreadsheet VLOOKUP

I always forget the syntax for VLOOKUP() VLOOKUP(toLookUp, cellsToSearch, columnOffset) Assuming we have a simple two column spreadsheet with the first column being clientName for example and the second column to be hourlyRate A B 1 Client One 25 2 Client Two 50 3 Client Three 35 To get the Hourly rate of the whatever… Continue reading Spreadsheet VLOOKUP

Failed apt update php

Recently had an issue being unable to update installed versions of php.After doing an apt update i would receive the following error message Err:4 buster InRelease The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG B188E2B695BD4743 DEB.SURY.ORG Automatic Signing Key <> Looking at the error message it looks as if the GPG key has expired. After following… Continue reading Failed apt update php

Rearm trial windows OS

When installing Windows OS as a trial to test out the operating system, you get a free 30 day trial. Sometimes you need a little extra time to make sure everything is working as should and before you shell out for the licence key. Microsoft allows you 3 trial periods (totalling 90 days), on your… Continue reading Rearm trial windows OS